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» First Responder And EMS Team
Posted : 2010-10-09 | Read : 4281 Times

Accident and other unexpected life threatening events might be happened at anytime and anywhere without warning. Proper first aids (assessment, immobilization, stabilization, and evacuation) to the casualty (patient) are essential and mostly not available nearby the scene of events.
Toya Medika First Responder Team is capable in providing quick respond to emergency call and proper first aids. Providing proper assessment, immobilization, stabilization, and evacuation of the patient.
Supported by well trained first responders, doctor and sufficient equipments, including equipped ambulance car, patient monitor, defibrilators, phlegm suction device, resuscitators, syringe & infusion pumps, stretchers (scoop, basket, folded, and inflated stretchers), back board, splints (body, extremities and traction splints), head immobilizer, neck support, braches, etc. We are ready to provide proper first responder and EMS Team in order to maximize life support effort and minimize morbidity.
With close cooperation with hospitals, we could provide proper and quicker patient data exchange, advocation, and referral.

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