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Dengue Infection
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As risk for traveling in tropical countries, you may have mosquito bites. One of the dangerous wide ..
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Diarrhea is defined as increase of defecation frequency for 3 times or more a day or the changing of..
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Rabies is a zoonotic disease which can occur in human species. Mammalian is the reservoirs of this v..
» Rabies
[ Posted Date : 19 September 2015 | Posted By : admin | Read : 2265 Times ]

Rabies is a zoonotic disease which can occur in human species. Mammalian is the reservoirs of this viral disease, including baths, raccoon, coyote, dog, cat, and monkey. Rabies is an ancient disease which is still occurs in several countries in the world, one of them is Indonesia. Indonesia still has rabies case, and Bali is one of province in Indonesia with new rabies case persist a month, since 2008. Rabies is a fatal disease, non-treatable disease. Once it occurs, there is no specific treatment found yet, and patient is going to die. That is why it is said to have 100% of case fatality rate. But rabies is preventable disease. To prevent the rabies transmission, we need to do the vaccination before traveling to endemic area of rabies. The best prevention is to avoid bite, scratch, which may break the skin and any blood or vomitus, contaminated our mucous layer, such as eye, lips, or non-intact skin from the reservoirs animal above. If those things happen, please do clean the area with rinse water and soap for 15-30 minutes and apply antiseptic solution after, then find nearest doctor. The doctor would provide physical examination and suggest taking anti rabies vaccination as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization. In our clinic we treated mostly monkey bite and/or monkey scratch, and the rest are from the dog and cat bite and/or scratch. Source: http://data.go.id/dataset/kasus-rabies-per-provinsi http://www.who.int/rabies/PEP_prophylaxis_guidelines_June10.pdf

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