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Dengue Infection
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» Trauma
[ Posted Date : 19 September 2015 | Posted By : admin| Read : 1654 Times ]

When accident happens, it may cause physical trauma and/or psychological trauma. Once trauma occurs, first do not panic, and then call for help. You may find our 24 hours emergency number on (0361) 978078. If you cannot transport yourself to the clinic, we will pick you up with ambulance support and paramedic or our first responder team back up, and then bring you to the clinic to be examined and treated by our 24 hours doctor in charge here. Mostly we find the accident case mostly occur at the street, at the river, at the rice fields, some case also occurs at the canyon, where it may difficult to managed. But we do provide our 24 hours first responder to do medical evacuation, such as vertical rescue, and first aid treatment with medical transportation. This is possible with special technique and equipment with good medical team work. Once you arrive at our clinic, the doctor would check your vital signs, your injured site, do some X-Ray if needed, and those all can be done here. If any further advanced examination and treatment needed, such as CT scan, or surgeon back up, we would like to refer you to hospital with our ambulance of course after your condition is being stabilized by our doctor.

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